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The Reason behind the economic crises in Maqrizis book "Nation Relief by Sorrow Disclosure

Muhannad Nafe Khattab AL- Mukhtar

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 4, Pages 669-700

The paper deals with the economic crises in Egypt in Maqrizis book ((nation Relief by Sorrow Disclosure)), which includes a lot of economic and social opinions and theories, as it had detected most of the economic crises that befell Egypt since pre- Islamic period until ( ). The book presents a historical, analytical critical study showing its reasons and meotrial factors (natural and human). He recognized the factor such as the effects of causing the crises depending upon causality and the material bases including the interpretation analysing causes of crises and manifestations and consequences, and his refusal to compulsive interpretation for he is aware that the crisis is a social and material phenomenon resulted from certain reason that could be recognized and analyzed .
The paper aims at studying the reasons and the factor that lead to the crisis in Egypt on the light of Magrizis book which were mentioned disorderly. So this paper attempts to classify them according to the rule adapted in the modern scientific methodology in order to find out the most important factors which were behind the economic crises in Egypt during the era of the Islamic State.