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The Effectiveness of a Training Program Based on Blended Learning in Developing the Practical Performance of a Number of Teaching Skills for Physical Education Teachers in the City of Mosul

faieq younis faieq

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2022, Volume 18, Issue 4, Pages 684-709
DOI: 10.33899/berj.2022.176456

           The aim of the research is to reveal the effectiveness of the training program based on blended learning in developing the practical performance of a number of teaching skills for physical education teachers in the city of Mosul. The researchers used the experimental method.
           The research community consisted of physical education teachers who graduated from the Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences at the College of Basic Education at the University of Mosul and whose job service ranges between (10-15) years in the schools of the Nineveh Governorate Center for the academic year (2021-2022), and their number is (89) female teachers. As for the sample of the research, it consisted of (25) female teachers. The researchers relied on the design of a single experimental group with a pre-and post-test, after making sure of the homogeneity among the group members in (age in years, number of years of functional service, and practical performance of teaching skills).
A training program based on blended learning was designed, in addition to the preparation of a performance note card for a number of teaching skills, and after presenting the training program, its general and behavioural objectives and its theoretical content with a model for an electronic and in-person training session, and obtaining official approvals from the Department of Preparation and Training affiliated to the Directorate of Education of Nineveh Governorate. The program was implemented in 7 weeks, with three sessions per week.
Two of the sessions are electronic, followed by an in-person session. The program was started on 30/11/2021 and ended on 11/1/2022. After the program completion, a post-test was conducted for the research sample, and the data was collected and statistically processed using the statistical program (SPSS). The results showed that there are significant differences between the mean scores of the pre and post-tests in the level of practical performance of teaching skills and the interest of the post-test.
Hence, the researchers concluded the following:
- The effectiveness of the training program in developing the practical performance of a number of teaching skills for physical education teachers.
- The effectiveness of blended learning in employing the training program and achieving its objectives.