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Building and designing a test to measure the level of perception – kinesthetic for the skill of correction in the game of basketball

Saad Yassin Saeed Al-Obaidi

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2022, Volume 18, Issue 2, Pages 873-890
DOI: 10.33899/berj.2022.174565

Tests that are constructed and codified on samples representing the beneficiary community are more appropriate than others that are constructed and codified on samples that represent another community, where the researcher noticed that the training process with regard to the manifestations of sense – motor perception proceeds randomly through the training environment without there being precise exercises focused on the development of these mental processes directly, so the research problem arose, the research aims to test to measure the performance the level of perception of the shooting distance in the game of basketball , setting a standard for test scores and levels.
The researcher dealt with the theoretical framework of the stager of building the test and its classifications. included on players selected students , the research sample was selected by stratified random method, where the number of application sample (60) player, this number represents (22.72%) of the research community, the number of player (264), the researcher used the questionnaire, interview and test as a means of collecting information, as well as the use of the following scientific coefficients: persistence method re-test virtual honesty and subjectivity, and objectivity, and the researcher used statistical methods: mean, deviation correlation coefficient, test(t) for independent and equal samples, percentage ,loom, torsion coefficient, adjusted standard percentage score (6-&) .

*The most important recommendations were:

1 – Reliance on the standard tables revealed by the research in evaluating and evaluating the level of players .

2 – Take advantage of this test by coaches.