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Plant and agricultural handicraft and in the in Eastreu Arabic until the End A The prophet Mission's era

Doaa Hussein Obaid; nidhal muayad maal Allah

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2022, Volume 18, Issue 2, Pages 599-660
DOI: 10.33899/berj.2022.174505

This research aims to identify the crafts and industries of agricultural crops in the Arabian Peninsula until the end of the era of the message, which had a clear and important impact on the lives of the inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula, where these crafts and industries are different, including food and bread making, as well as the types of bread that existed at that time. As well as the uses of food dates, in addition to the manufacture of wines and the manufacture of oils, as well as dealing with the wooden industries (carpentry), as well as identifying the tools used by carpenters in this important craft, and getting acquainted with wood and its multiple uses in many important areas, whether in peace or war, as well as the miswak uses that it has become. A great affair since the advent of Islam, and the manufacture of ships, weapons and trigger, as well as dealing with chairs and household appliances to save the materials and toiletries that women used at that time, which were made of wood, playing tools, fibers and sticks, as well as getting to know the architecture (building) that was present in the regions. The Arabian Peninsula, where the method of construction differs, and the identification of industries, including textile and sewing, as well as plant foodstuffs It is used for tanning, uses of henna and gum, uses of vegetable dyes, the manufacture of perfumery (perfume) and fodder, and palm trees and their uses, as well as to identify the trade of manufactured materials in the Arabian Peninsula, including internal and external.