Keywords : Plague

Tte Disease of Plague and its Effect on Ciro city In Al-Mamluki Ege

Fathi Salim Humidi

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 4, Pages 455-476

Diseases, and espeially, Plague have been among the most dangerous things that societies have faced in the middle age. For it has big negative influence and deadly results which lead to destruction and ruin of human strength and economic and population growth, especially; after the escape of the population from this disease inorder not to be infected. Then, agricultural lands remain uncultivated because of the lack of those who plant them. And the industrial side represented by industrialists and handworkers paralyzed because of the escape of those dead and the escape of those industrials. In addition to the stop of trading activity in this land because of the non-arrival of traders . It also has a direct and negative effect on the scientific and the political life because of the death and the isolating of many responsible persons and officers in various specializations because of this disease which face plague in Al-Mamluki age and what would detailed in the body of this paper.