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Comparison between the Strategy of Opposite class and the Strategy of Jigsaw Integrative,in the Performance by the Students of physics Department, for the Applications of Measurement and Evaluation

dr.mohib mahmood lecturer

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2021, Volume 17, Issue 1, Pages 1-34
DOI: 10.33899/berj.2021.167708

The aim of  research is to compare the strategy of opposite class  and the strategy of Jigsaw integrative in the performance of students of  physics department for the applications of measurement and evaluation. The sample consisted of (80) students selected in  random  style from the fourth class  students in the physics department at the College of Education for Pure Sciences / Mosul University for the academic year. (2018-2019)distributed in two equal groups in the first one , experimental group(1) consisted  (40) students studied the strategy of the opposite class, while the experimental group (2) of (40) students studied  according to the strategy of Jigsaw integrative.
To achieve the research aim , the researcher prepared teaching plans and applied statistical issues through analysis and characteristics of the target group and  Fundamentals of strategies and teaching skills . The researcher formulated five specific article paragraphs answering a mathematical operative related to a standard process reached through a set of mathematical steps. The researcher has verified the validity , reliability and psychometric properties of the tool, and then carried out his experiment on the research sample  with himself and the students of physics department and then the data were analyzed statistically and the results indicated than :
1-There is a statistically significant difference between the arithmetic average of performance and the theoretical average (15) and for the benefit achieved.
2-There is a statistically significant difference between the average performance achieved and theoretical and for the benefit achieved.
3-There is no statistically significant difference at the level of significance (05.0) between the average performance of the two experimental research groups for statistical applications.
In the light of the results, the researcher concluded:
The possibility of applying the opposite class strategy and Jigsaw integrative strategy in the measurement and evaluation for the fourth class  students / physics department.
It also recommended the adoption of the same strategies in the decision of measurement and evaluation for its importance.
As a complement to the current research, the researcher also suggested conducting several future studies.