Keywords : ؛scale application

Construction and applying a measure of psychological well-being for player Construction and applying well-being psychological scale for some advanced players of Mosul clubs s of some advanced Mosul clubs

qusay fahmi akeel

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2020, Volume 16, Issue 4, Pages 835-856
DOI: 10.33899/berj.2020.167240

The researchers used the descriptive approach in the survey and relational style, and the research community included (224) athletes distributed among the sports clubs in some clubs in the city of Mosul. The applicants included (Fatwa, Bright Future, Nineveh workers, Iyad Sheet, and the municipality). The building sample included (157) players from The research community, representing (70%), and the application sample included (67) players from the research community, representing a percentage (30%). To achieve the research objectives, the two researchers built the psychological well-being scale according to the scientific foundations to build psychological measures and the scale consisted of (38) paragraphs distributed on Six axes.
The researchers concluded the following:
The effectiveness of the scale that was built to measure the degree of psychological well-being of the players of some advanced Mosul clubs.
-Players of team and individual games in some advanced Mosul clubs are distinguished by high psychological well-being.
The researchers recommended the following:
- Conducting future research to know the degree of psychological well-being among Olympic and non-Olympic Games athletes.
- The necessity for local officials and those concerned in the matter of sports to pay attention to developing the reality of sports clubs in the city of Mosul through material and moral support for the athletes segment and to provide psychological and physical treatment centers free of charge inside the city of Mosul to enhance the well-being of the players.