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The Identifying the Percentage of the Contribution of Physiological Fitness Components in the Basic Skills of Futsal Players by Applicants

mohammed zuhair alfahhad; احمد موید العنزی

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2020, Volume 16, Issue 4, Pages 751-772
DOI: 10.33899/berj.2020.167236

The importance of the current research lies in identifying the percentage of the contribution of physiological fitness components in the basic skills of futsal players to applicants.
The research problem arises in answering the following question:
Does physiological fitness and its specific elements contribute to some basic skills in gymnasiums for advanced players?
The current research aims to identify:
- Percentage of the contribution of physiological fitness components and their components in performing some basic skills of soccer players for advanced halls.
The researchers used the descriptive approach in both survey and correlational methods, due to their suitability and the nature of the current research.
The research sample consisted of club players (Police, North Gas, Nineveh) and (15) players from each club, where the number became (45) players from the total research community, and thus the percentage of the research sample reached (25%) of the total community of research, as it was done Selecting the research sample by the deliberate method to achieve the research objectives as they represent the central and northern regions.
The researchers concluded the following:
- The presence of a negative significant correlation between the test of bending the trunk forward and the skill of rolling football for halls.
- The presence of a negative significant correlation between the sitting test from the lying position until the exhaustion of effort and the skill of rolling with football for halls.
- The existence of a positive significant correlation between Carlson fatigue curve test and the skills of scoring, passing and putting down football for halls for the research sample.
The researchers recommend the following:
Emphasizing gymnasium soccer coaches, developing the qualities of flexibility, muscular endurance, aerobic prolongation, and the exercise of the circulatory and respiratory systems when training basic gymnasium skills.