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Deletion of Prepositions in the Prophetic Tradition

waleed khuder Al_hammawy

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2020, Volume 16, Issue 4, Pages 105-134
DOI: 10.33899/berj.2020.167208

This research is a study of the demonstration of the deletion in the prophetic tradition in the three parsing books of the prophet tradition.
*(Eiraab Al_Hadeeth Al_Nabawi), By Abi Al_Bakaa Abdullah Ibn Al_hussein Al_Uqburi.
*(Shawaaid Al_Tawdheeeh Wa Al_Tasheeh Limushkilat Al_Jaami Al_Saheeh), By Mohamed Ibn Malik(whom died in 672 A.H).
*(Ukood Az_Zabarjad Ala Musnad Al_Imam Ahmed), By Jalaal As_Deen As_Siyooty.
The research treated with (55) prophetic text in which seven types of the deletion.

The research tried to gather an grammatical matter in the prophetic traditions to be easy for searching, analysing and counting. As result of the most deleted preposition in the parsing books of the prophetic traditions is (Al_baa), after that (Fi and Laam Al_Taaliel),then (Min),then (Ala and Ila),then(An) and the prophetic expression varied accordingly to deleted prepositions to which : ( what was only deleted a preposition)and( what was deleted a preposition and a word after a preposition)and(what was deleted is a preposition with coming an parsed noun after it)and(what was deleted a preposition in an active voice sentence)and(what was deleted a preposition in a passive voice sentence)and(what was only deleted a preposition with permanence its work)and(what was deleted a preposition with the verb).the research highlighted the possibility prophetic texts with the grammatical various estimats , also exposed the grammatical effort in the parsing books of the prophetic tradition, as it pointed the grammatical effort of the prophetic traditions explainers