الخطاب الإقناعی فی شعر الغزل عند ابن عبد ربه الأندلسی (ت328هـ)

ghaydaa ahmed alishlash; esraa jamal alhamdany

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2020, Volume 16, Issue 3, Pages 276-305
DOI: 10.33899/berj.2020.165716

The persuasive speech is regarded as a part of Al-Hhijjaj . Al-Hijjaj is associated with persuation as the association of the text with its function . we found in Ibn Abd Rabba poetry many persuasive styles especially in flirtation poetry . the poet used many rhetorical styles which he uses to convince the addressees in his flirtation .
In this paper the terms persuation and flirtation have been defined linguishcally and as terminology the paper also showed the terms relevant to flirtation such as ( Al-Tashbeeb and Al-Naseeb ). It also clarified the types of addressees in Ibn Abid Rabba like Al-Mahbooba ( the beloved ) , these who blamed him his love ( Al-Uthaal ) , and companions . each of them has special methods in persuasive speech according to the poet desire .
And we came out that the most interest of Ibn Abed Rabuh was to persuade the beloved and humiliating her to gain her affection with various persuasive methods, and he did not mention mentioning the idol, the lords, and the companions except in a few of them, making use of different persuasive methods from the use of the selected words for his purpose, the various rhetorical arts, expressive images, and poetic