Keywords : depression

The Effect of a Counseling Program on Reducing the Level of Depression among Depressed Students

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 31-68

The research aims to identify a guidance program on reducing the level of depression among depressed students,the sample consisted of (16) students at the third class / college of Education /, who are suffering from depression according to the scores on a scale of depression.The grades of these students were considered a pre-test, and then distributed randomly into two groups: an experimental group who received a guidance program according to the cognitive-behavioral therapy through collective guidance and by (14) sessions, and a control group who did not receive it's any training. After Using Wilcoxon test for dependent groups and Mann_ Whitney independent groups, the results show statistical differences between the experimental group and the control group at (0, 05) and in infavour of the experimental group after its members received training on a program in accordance with the cognitive-behavioral therapy. In the light of those results, a number of recommendations and suggestions were given.