Keywords : Tennyson

The Effect of Merrill Tennyson Model on the Acquisition of Islamic Concepts by Sixth Primary Class Pupils

Saad Mohamed Khudhier

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2014, Volume 13, Issue 2, Pages 155-180

The current research aims at presenting the effect of using Merrill Tennyson model on the acquisition of Islamic concepts by sixth primary class students . In order to achieve such an aim the following null hypothesis was put which state that : there are no statistically significant differences between the experimental group using Merrill Tennyson Model and the control group using the traditional (lecture ) method. The researcher used the experimental design of two proportionate samples. The sample consisted of (60) pupils chosen by the researcher intentionally from the society of the research and divided into two groups with (30) pupils at the experimental group and (30) pupils at the control group. The researcher equalized both groups in a number of variables like age measured in months, Islamic education subject degree for the fifth class, general average of fifth class, IQ test and academic achievement of parents. The researcher made a (16) items test to acquire concepts. The reliability and stability was verified after applying it on the sample of the research. Treating the data statistically, the results showed the supremacy of the experimental group that used Merrill Tennyson. Given these results, the researcher presented a number of recommendations and suggestions.