ISSN: 1992-7452

Keywords : Thaalbi

The Place in the Poetry of AL-Thaalbi

College Of Basic Education Researches Journal, 2018, Volume 15, Issue 1, Pages 647-664

ALThaalbi is known as being a poet in addition to being a writer. The place was distinctive in his odes and strophes, for this reason this research came to analyze the patterns of places by analyzing reading work on touching the beauties of the place and its artistic and objectivity value in the divan that grossed by (the doctor Mahmmod Abdullah AL-Jadiry arranged it from the rhyme of A-to Z.
The research is based on one entrance and two detectives. The entrance contained the determination of the concept of place and the summary of life and poetry of ALthaalbi.
The first detectives concerned with studying (the natural place ) whence the earth : the land ( the gardens-the mountains and the desert)
and water (the seas- the lakes- the fount and the bourn) and whence the sky (the sun – the moon- the stars and the clouds) while the second detective contained studying of synthetical place whence the non Arabic cities (Nisabour-bist-ghurna-khuarsim- Jurjani- Fathalray-kerman-Borjania- Sarkhas and Sjestan) and the Arabic cities (Egypt, Babil, and Baghdad).
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