Keywords : alburda

The discription in the poetry of AL-Busairi(The poem of alburda as a model)

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2018, Volume 14, Issue 4, Pages 151-174
DOI: 10.33899/berj.2018.159208

The poem of alburda by the poet Sharaf- Aldin Mohammad the son of said Albusairi contained descriptions of different shapes and expressions . Although it was praising the prophet (prayers and blessing of Allah be upon him) but it contains types of description. For this reason this research came to study this poem by analyzing the description and to explain the artistic and Aesthetic dimensions and the detection of its denotation, the description is based on the transformation of the facts from materialistic picture to literary picture that characterized by skilled language and clever pictures. The research is based on one entrance and four detectives, the entrance contained the determination of the concept of description and speaking about the life of the poet and his ode (AL-burda) . The first detective came to study the description of personality whence the description of humanity , symbolic and Animality personality The second detective contained the study of (the description of event) whence the descriptive initialization for the event and descriptive finale for the event while the third detective is (the description of place) Whence the description of the natural place and the description of the synthetical place, the forth detective concerned with the study of the description of thing whence the description of the natural things and the description of tools and statuses. .