Keywords : One hundred Individuals attending Allergy Department in Al

Allergic Rhinitis caused by Food Allergines to Individuals in Mosul

Farrah Yonis Hussen

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 1, Pages 483-493

One hundred Individuals attending Allergy Department in Al-Zahrawi Teaching Hospital in Mosul city, who were diagnosed by Physiciens as suffering from allergic rhinitis, Their ages ranged between (6-60) years, skin test and prick skin test were performed to ensure that they had allergic rhinitis as well as screening for food allergens as causes of rhinitis. The total concentration of IgE in their blood serum was determined. The results showed that 65% of rhinitis patients responded to food allergens. The relationship between rhinitis and food allergy and the age, the sex, family history and job had been taken into consideration. The results showed that the age group (18-40) was shown to be the more affected group, females were more infected than males.
Result showed the predominance of egg, milk, oranges among other food allergens while among air allergens trees, dust fungi house-dust mites and fungi were the predominant and a high level of total IgE was detected among patients with allergic rhinitis.