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The Effect of Using CD in Pafecting and Memorizing Reciting of Holy Quran for Fourth Primary Class Pupils

Ahmed M. Al-Hyale

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 99-138

This research aimed at discovering the impact of using Digital (Vidio Disk , henceforth
(CD) in perfecting and memorising the Holly Kuran for forth grade primary pupils . to fulfill this aim , the researcher put two basic null- hypotheses and each followed by three sub - null hypotheses . the research is limited for forth grade pupils in primary schools ; Al – sanadeed primary school and Al – muhaj primary school , for the academic year 2005- 06 .
The research has been built on the Equivalent – Groups experimental design . This design includes tow experimental groups and one control group . The first experimental group has been taught by using CD with a television . The second one has been taught by using CD only . The control group has been taught by traditional method .
The sample of the research consists of (69) pupils ; (23) pupils for each group . The equivalence of the groups has been done in some varia-bles includes :
a. their marks in islamic Education for the preceding academic year (2004- 05) .
b. their marks in Arabic language for the preceding academic year (2004- 05) .
c. Total arenge for their marks for the preceding academic year (2004- 05) .
d. Their marks in an intelligence test.
e. Their age ( measured by months) .
f. Parents' educational attainment.
After coming upon the Islamic Education curriculum which includes seven texts , the researcher prepared (21) Teaching plans ; three plans for each text . A sample of these plans had bee presented to the experts who gave some correctness . After that, the researcher taught the three groups himself and according to the prescribed teaching methods .
The researcher prepared a tool for measuring perfection ; including perfecting perausal and perfecting memorising , using three formula to measure the standard of perfection . For insurance , the tool had been given to group of experts to come upon its face validity. Then the tool had been given to a surryirg sample to see if there are any difficulties in using it and to measure its reliability using ( pearson's formuh) wich scored correlation cofficients (0.88). The reliability for correction by the researcher himself (0.94) , and by a specialist (0.86). Hence , the test is relieble .
The experiment lasted (12) weeks . After finishing it, the researcher practicel a posttest to discover the standard of perfecting perusal and memorising , concerning the three groups. Using statistical procedures .
In the light of the results arrived at , the researher recommends to provide primary schools with the modren educational technology like CD , and also urging teachers to use it and prepared a practical training for this purpose . Also , he recommends to provide teachers with a guid book in cluding aims and elements of each subject or text and suggest the perfect educational technology for it .
In an attempt to make the current study approaches completeness in other relevant aspects , the present researche suggests preparing other studies concerning sexual variable , instructional stages and another educational technologies .