Keywords : Oula

India Through the Joruney of Abi Dalf AL- Khazragi (Died in the th Century A.H./ th Century A.D.)

Dr. Sufyan Yasen Ibrahim

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 3, Pages 387-414

The study aimed at identifying Abi Dalf's curriculum vitae and his Joruney to India which had came in his book (Al-Risall Al-Oula). This book hints to several Indian cities and the public life in them as a trial to recognize the historical value of the texts of this book as well as comparing them with other books on India. The study also; according to a comparative historical procedure; aimed at what Dalf had neglected, which information had abbreviated and his exclusive news. The study included seven investigations, they were the: Dalf's curriculum vitae; course of his Joruney to India; social and religious life in India; administration and government in India, economical activities, civilization movement, and scientific life in India had come in the seventh investigation. The researcher depended upon many primary sources especially those which were attributed to countries that preceded, were contemporary with and succeeded Dalf. Many references and modern studies had been consulted via explaining, analyzing and submitting opinions. Furthermore, many maps were introduced in this study.