Keywords : Hizbu

Hizbu Alla and regional issues after 2003

Bashar H. Yousif; Hadil Nawaf Ahmed

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 463-480

Hizub Alla is one of the political parties that has an Islamic style which appeared Arabic region and it is one of the important parties in Lebanon, Hizub Alla is fighting against the Israel occupation to liberate the south of Lebanon and try to use anew technology in the Arabic region. It had a big role during his declaration about the Islamic and Arabic.
The purpose of this study is to consider at the attitudes of hizub alla trend the regional issues during the first ten years of this century exactly 2003. this matter is very important because there are many studies consider on the understanding and organizing side.
This research leans on the introduction, two subjects and ending.
The first subject studies the arise and developing of the party. The second one studies the attitude of Hizub Alla trend the regional events especially Palestinian issue. American occupation for Iraq. Irans nuclear program and Arabic revolutions (Arabic spring) finally, the results of this research are that Hizbu Alla had many contradictory attitudes and these attitudes changed according to his benefits and relations with the regional countries.