Keywords : Sharh

Grammatical phenomena in 'Sharh-u Mashkal Abyat Almutanabi' of Abi Al-Hasan Ali Bin Ismail Bin Saidah Al-Andalusy (458 A.H)

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 217-248

Ibn Saidah wrote his book 'Sharh-u Mashkal Abyat Almutanabi' after he had finished writing his two dictionaries 'Almukhasas fi Al-Lughah' and 'Almuhkim and Almuheed Al-Ala'tham'. These two dictionaries and his book 'Sharh-u Mashkal Abyat Almutanabi' are considered his most important works. His other works are : 'Sharh-u Abbyat Aljumal Lil-Zajaji', 'Al-Aneq fi Sharh-u Alhamasa', 'Al'owath fi Sharh-u Islah Almandiq', 'Takreeb Ghareeb Almusanaf' and 'Alwafi fi Ilim Al-Qawafi'.
In this research, we follow his views in one of these works and shed light on the most important grammatical phenomena that exist in 'Sharh-u Mashkal Abyat Almutanabi' which is full of linguistic digressions made by Ibin Saidah and his grammatical remarks about the poetry of Abi Al-Taieb Al-Mutanabi. It wasn't an explanation for all verses of his divan but it concentrates on what is controversial, the matter which confused Al-Mutanabi verses. His explanation aims to deal with the vague in understanding and view ambiguity, that gives the wrong meaning. Thus, the matter would be confused and lead to contradiction, variation, falling in rhythm and meaning and structure corruption. His work, thus, was focusing on explaining the vague in meaning and ambiguous structures, supporting that with many grammatical evidence and linguistic views, especially from Sybawaih.
Consequently, we are in the process of clarifying the most important grammatical phenomena that are included in his explanation that shows his deep interest in grammar, grammarians, bringing out the new poetic evidence of one of the prominent productive poets.