Keywords : Abbasid

The Academic Role of the Ommiad in the Abbasid State (A.D 945-750/334-132 A.H)

Muhammad H. Ismail

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2014, Volume 13, Issue 2, Pages 683-712

It is well known that studying the history of the Ommiad is an exciting topic . It makes the hearts shiver before the pens . On the one hand , their history forms many achievements in the Islamic state, on the other , their history is engulfed by whims and dispositions of their narrators in which the historian may find himself surrounded by fabricated facts . These facts had impact on the viewpoints that were held by the parties which were opponents of Ommiad . In order to give a sightful picture about the Ommiad family under the reign of the Abbasid , this study investigates the academic and cultural role of this family whose members were prominent as scientists and men of letters