Keywords : Malaga

Scientific Life in Malaga City

Faiza Hamza Abbas

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 4, Pages 477-500

This research deals with the practical life in Malaga city. This Andalusian city wittenesed a clear scientific activity through the appearance of a number of scienticists who have a great role in figuring out the scientific life of it. The research shows the effect of political situation through which the city passed over the Arab, Islamic rule of Al-Andalus. The researcher found, by viewing these situation, that the city passed through relative peaceful settlement which has its effect on the scientific development of the city. This development is achieved through the scientific journeys, done by the scientific of Malaga, which had their importance in building civilization; travelling for science increases education completion. The scientific movement of Malaga's city was nourished clearly. This nourishment is present through many translation books in different sciences such as: religious sciences ,literature, Grammar, linguistics, history, and experimental sciences. Moreover, education nourished in this city, in that its citizens approached education and had a number of scientists who practised teaching and presented great scientific services to this city.