Keywords : volleyball

Leadership behavior of the volleyball coaches from the viewpoint of their women players

Mohammad K. M. Al-Zubaidi; Anmar A. Al-Dabagh

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 475-505

-The pattern of leadership behavior of the Premier League clubs coaches volleyball league for women in Iraq from the viewpoint of their women players. The researchers used the descriptive method with survey manner because its suitability to the nature of research, the research sample consisted(110) player of country club players of the excellent volleyball degree during (2011-2012) the scale of leadership behavior of trainers from the standpoint of the players had been used as a research tool, the scale in cluded (38) items distributed in to (5) areas, namely (training behavior, democratic behavior, autocratic behavior, assistant social behavior and reward behavior),Data processing have been obtained by using (the arithmetic mean, standard deviation, percentage low, analysis of variance, (Pearson’s)simple correlation coefficient, Spearman–Brown equation). The researchers recorded the following:
- The emergence of reward performance as the best method of the first order for a leading sport club coaches followed by training method.
- low autocratic style which came in last place as a method of authoritarian dictatorship.
As a results researchers, recommend the following:
- Interest in both reward and training manners by the trainers during training and competition being the best methods of leadership.
- Avoid autocratic leadership style when dealing with women players during training and competition as a method of authotitarian dictatorship.
- The need to search and conduct similar studies on the rest of sporting activities for both sexes.
- The need to involve trainers in training sessions to learn the methods of specialists in sport psychology, in order to confirm the role of leadership through training and competition.