Keywords : vitamin

Effect of vitamin C and methoionine on some Antioxidants levels of Adult Male Rats Exposed to lead acetate

Sana A. Ahmad

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 4, Pages 899-908

The present study include investigation of the prophylactic effects of vitamin C and Methionine on the level of some Antioxidants of male albino Rattus norvegicus at age between (2.5-3.0) months . In this study 24 white male were used. They were divided randomly into 4 groups each 6 rats/ groups. The first group was given distilled water by gavage needle and considered as control . The second group was given lead acetate at does of 40 mg/kg the third group was given lead acetate at does 40 mg/kg with vitamin C at does 100 mg/kg . The fourth group was given lead acetate at does 40 mg/kg with Methionine 50 mg/kg . treatments were done daily for 30 days.
The result showed that lead acetate treatment caused significant degrees in level of glutathione GSH , and increase level of malondialdehyde (MDA) and the enzyme activity of superoxide dismutase ( SOD) in serum and brain rats compare with control group this indicate the ability of lead acetate to include oxidative stress in albino rats. The result also showed that treatment with vitamin C at does 100 gm/kg and methionine at does 50 mg/kg caused significant increase in GSH level and significant decrease in MDA levels and activity of SOD in serum and brain tissue comparing with control group.
The result also showed that increase and decrease were more prominent in rats treated with vitamin C. Thus vitamin C and methionine had prophylactic capability that would remove any oxidative stress and poisonous effects that were caused by lead acetate.