Keywords : Imagination

Mental Imagination for the Students of Basic Education College in Mosul University

Yaser Ahmed M

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2014, Volume 13, Issue 1, Pages 55-78

The current research has aimed into identifying the level of mental imagination for the students of basic education college in Mosul University. As well as it has attempted to detect whether there are any differences in the level of mental imagination may be belonged into the two following variables: the gender (male, female), and specialization (scientific, humanitarian). The sample of this research has included (200) students from the basic education college as (109) for males and (91) for females. The researcher has used the test of mental imagination which had been prepared by (Al_Rawi, 2011), consisting of (70) items distributing as (6) aspects such as (visual imagination, auditory imagination, tactual imagination, olfactory imagination, gustatory imagination, and organic imagination). After verifying the validity by external validity and reliability by re test, making the final application for the test, and treating the data statistically by using (SPSS), so it has become clear that the students of basic education college have high percentage of mental imagination especially in the aspect of visual imagination then auditory one, olfactory, and the rest of aspects respectively. Moreover, the male students of basic education college are higher than female students in the mental imagination. While the variable of specialization, the results have showed that the scientific specializations have mental imagination higher than the humanitarian ones. In the light of the results, the researcher has presented several recommendations and suggestions In the light and the results the researcher presented a group of recommendations and suggestions ,such as didn’t depend on the verbal assimilation only in preparation the in structional curricums and their teaching methods specially for humanity specialist and can presents matersals that assist students to understand and imaginations building that assist to understand the instructional material.