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Scientific Life in Malaga City

Faiza Hamza Abbas

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 4, Pages 477-500

This research deals with the practical life in Malaga city. This Andalusian city wittenesed a clear scientific activity through the appearance of a number of scienticists who have a great role in figuring out the scientific life of it. The research shows the effect of political situation through which the city passed over the Arab, Islamic rule of Al-Andalus. The researcher found, by viewing these situation, that the city passed through relative peaceful settlement which has its effect on the scientific development of the city. This development is achieved through the scientific journeys, done by the scientific of Malaga, which had their importance in building civilization; travelling for science increases education completion. The scientific movement of Malaga's city was nourished clearly. This nourishment is present through many translation books in different sciences such as: religious sciences ,literature, Grammar, linguistics, history, and experimental sciences. Moreover, education nourished in this city, in that its citizens approached education and had a number of scientists who practised teaching and presented great scientific services to this city.

The City of Taflees A historical study from the Islamic victory until 515 A.H 1121 A.D

Fathi Salim Humeedi

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2009, Volume 8, Issue 1, Pages 220-237

The Kingdom of Georgia has a great historic rank because of its geographical position in two aspects naturally and economically . It is considered the cause of the rising of many georgian civilized centers which throughout the ages had changed into many great cities and capitals . It became also a center for population accumulation, and economy ; the dynamic center of the kingdom, especially after it becoming its political, economical and historical capital . It is located at the top of the valley of " Al-Kir" river (Kura) . This river divides it into two parts . It is surrounded by wide plain lands which have a fertile soil . This Fact led to the development of the city economically because of the great agricultural production . Consequently, the city inhabitants became wealthy . The city of Taflees is characterized with its high inaccessibility in addition to its central position in Al-Qawqaz (60 miles from the Black sea). Because of this important position the georgian kings made it their capital. As for its name, it has many names like Tafleesi or Tableesi . This Word is Georgian Whach is taken from the word "Tafli" which means "hot" . This name may be taken from the hot springs of Tfilis . In Armenian language, it is known as " Tfikhis" and in Arabic, it is known as "Tfilis" which is not an Arabic word but it is called So depending on its Georgian origin . The same is done also by some historians when they call it " Tfilis" . This city has a great role in the political events at that time. For this reason, the present study deals with it from the Islamic victory 272 A.H 886 A.D until the Georgian occupation, who made it their capital, in 515 A.H 1121 AD .