Keywords : Manifestations

Military manifestations in Andulisian cities

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 478-505

This research talks about the military manifestations in Andulisian cities. Arabic state of Andolesia through out all its era faced numerous threats whether internal or external. Thus, the central authority focused its attention on fortifying military manifestation for some Andolesian cities to guarantee security and sovereign of the state.
The research showed the reasons of fortifying military manifestations in Andolesian cities due to political, military, or security reasons. Fences also took part in the study as fulfilling an aspect of security tasks of the city of Andolesia specially cities at the line of fire. Until now, there are numerous forts the aim of which is to fortify Andolusian city to face danger. The current research talks about some of these castles in detail.
Pockets of resistance were the cutting line between Indolesia and neighboring kingdoms as a defensive front to face the enemies. Guarding towers spread on all Andolesian coasts and contained many soldiers who vowed to defend their country.