Keywords : Egypt

Egypt as a Narrative Space in the Holy Quraan Joseph and Moses (peace be upon them) stories as Samples

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 317-338

Egypt is considered a narrative space which joins two samples of the Quranic story, namely Joseph and Moses stories. The events of these stories happen within this space. For this reason, this research studies this aspect through analyzing the texts specified for space components (time, place, and vison) and exploring beauty and artisitic dimensions in addition to the evidences derived out of which.
The research is formed out of an introduction and three sections. The introduction includes a specification of narrative space concept and the first section studies time in relation to its order whether by going backward or forward, and speeding up time by means of summarization, omittion, or inclusion. The second section deals with place, in relation to the geography of public, special, natural, and artificial place as well as its composition as being friendly, hostile, historical/instant. As for the third section, its tackles the study of vision in relation to vision at the level of time by way of natural time (psychological time), and vision at level of place by way of comprehensive and scenery vision .