Keywords : philosophy

Philosophy of Pierre De Koertan in Reviving Modren Olympic Games -An Analytical Study -

oud Abdul-Muhsin; Sua

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 594-609

The study aims at pointing out the significant role of the French Baron Pierre De Koertan in Reviving the modern Olympic games for he Revives a simple of the ancient civilization ,especially the ancient Greek civilization that adopted the idea of legislation and systems in practicing the athletic activity in society and adopting the idea of respecting athlete and its traditions and encouraging practicing it. Pierre De Koertan and his philosophy in adopting an ancient idea extracts the originality and excellence to Revive historical social and international phenomenon. Thus, the achievement is considered a historical by making a modern civilization adopt the ideas of ancient civilization, modulate their methods and program their activities in the light of which.
By his work ,he inspires history via his athletic philosophy and its past in a new form which is the modern Olympic competitions which he had participated in the first Olympic competition in Athena in 1896 which is considered the birthday of the Olympic Athletics.