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Mohammad Inga, the Pioneer of the Ottoman Reforms in Mosul (1834-1843)

Luma Abdulaziz Mustafa

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 393-412

We do not support, if we say that most studies which tackled the Iraqi history in the Ottoman's era concentrating on studying the political circumstances generally. Those studies left a big gap in studying the local history of the cities and the special states during the Ottoman's control. Many historical studies tackling the main Ottoman states, as the state of Mosul, have appeared. But there is a wide fertile place waiting for the researches efforts to discover the historical sides of this city specially the period of (1834-1843) which was chosen by the researches herself which formed an important era of the city's history through Mohammad Inga Bayraqdar governor in setting the Ottoman central government in Mosul after exterminating Al-Jalalileen's emirate which governed this state in (1726-1824) and some Kurdish emirates (Surany and Bahdinany). After finishing hid job , the Bayraqdar spent his rule in Mosul in implementing his reformative program. He put the first bases of Ottoman reforms policy in Iraq which will be shown in the study.