Keywords : Theory

The importance of thought Alsheikh Abdessalam Yassine in the Prophet's Curriculum theory

Fatin Younis Mohammed Al-Maatheedi

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2014, Volume 13, Issue 1, Pages 609-632

Foundations Abdessalam Yassine reform movement emerged reaction to the circumstances of the crisis that has gripped the country and its various dimensions of political, economic and social, have contributed to his call and through application of the theory of curriculum prophetic call to (correct Islam) and Islamic renewal and alert to cons political systems,but after reconsideration and change inmethodology Sheikh Abdessalam Yassine and openness that was the result of a desire valuable political participation for the application of the principle of democracy, which form later one principles movement Adl wal Ihsan, and turned the movement of a reform movement into a political party has the power of thought and popular, was able to attract young people and the poor through religious discourse which holds, and build a large fan base made the movement more able than others to build a real force with a large following with the potential vulnerability in the movement of reality, and try to change what is in everyone's interest.